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Testimonials & Accolades

What do people say about Dr. Alkaitis Organic Skin Care Products?

"As a make up artist I have to be mindful about the products I use on my clients skin, making sure not to cause break outs, rashes or headaches from unpleasant perfumed creams and masks. Knowing that the skin absorbs everything we put on it, I believe it is imperative to only use real organic products that will nourish and feed the skin what it needs. Dr. Alkaitis does exactly that. It is the only true organic line I trust and love. Now that I am also a mother I am grateful that I have been able to maintain even skin glowing skin thanks to Dr. Alkaitis' masks. I am always on the go and I keep the Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil and Organic Day Créme in my bag at all times and am grateful that I can use them on my child without thinking twice about their safety rating. My daughter benefits from the aloe vera rich Organic Soothing Gel especially in the summer after a day at the beach."

Camille Radocchia Hecks - Los Angeles, CA

"I wanted to write you a letter to tell you how much we love your products. My daughter suffered from cystic acne throughout most of her late teens into her twenties. As a skincare clinic, we tried multiple approaches to treat her acne, such as retin a and glycolic acids along with antibiotic therapy. She did improve some on these products but it was still very frustrating trying to get her acne under control. She and I came to a conclusion that while her skin was very oily, it was also very sensitive so we decided to try an all natural organic skincare line. After much research, I decided to try Dr. Alkaitis and when the samples came in, my daughter was very excited and hopeful that her acne would improve. She has been on the Cleanser only for almost 3 months now and her skin looks incredible. She has a little bit of off and on breakouts but nothing compared to what she suffered before, and she loves the products so much! She now has started to use the day and night creams as well. So all I can say is thank you for such a wonderful product and if anyone suffers from cystic acne, I would recommend that they try the cleanser, toner and the soothing gel. The cleanser is definitely one of the best cleansers I have ever tried and believe me I have tried a lot of them!

Janet Parish

"I just wanted to say how wonderful your products are. I have terrible spots since I was 8 (!) which was due to something chemical in the sunscreens that my skin was reacting to. When I was older I had roaccutane, I was prescribed by a dermatologist retin A cream and Fraxel laser-at the same time-which thinned the top layer of my skin so much that it was left permanently red. I never thought I would ever find anything to help me skin as it was ruined forever. I converted to natural skincare around 7 years ago, along with a healthy diet. My skin did not improve and it still caused me a lot of embarrassment. I thought only a willow bark cleanser or something with some spot fighting ingredients was could help. I have now been using your cleanser for about 5-6 weeks and I am shocked at how amazing it has made my skin. I am also using your soothing gel, and my skin is clear for the first time in my life. I also feel my skin is slightly less red, I never thought anything would help the redness. This has made me so happy, although I am still adjusting to this and I am a bit shocked! I can’t explain what it means to have clear skin, not to mention that all your ingredients are so good for my skin, and I am so happy that they are raw and I am getting the full benefits. Also, the creams I used to use like [brand name omitted] and [brand name omitted] gave the impression they were natural, when they are not fully natural. I was so angry as I felt they are very misleading like a lot of companies that promote themselves as natural, not to mention the heat processes involved that destroy the benefits. When I started my healthy lifestyle about 7 years ago I used to juice fruit/vegetables, like kale and spinach, I loved doing this but it left me very bloated, so after a year or so I decided to give up on juicing as it might not be so good for my insides.

That said that I can't follow your nutrition advice too, I know that my skin is still getting all the benefits I need from your line. I am only 29 so hopefully I still have some youth left me to finally enjoy not having to worry abou my skin for the first time in my life. I am intending to get the oil and mask next as these will be the next step in my regime.

Sorry for my ramblings, I am not very articulate but I just wanted to say what a big impact you have had on me. Thank you, and never stop making your line!"

Xx Kate Cohen

Kate Cohen

"I've been using Dr. Alkaitis products morning and evening since Nov 17th and I wanted to tell you how different my skin feels and looks. It has been a hectic 11 days with lots of late nights in Berlin and traveling to London and really these products have helped my skin look alive, healthy and not tired. I can see the difference when I wake up in the day time, how my skin tone is balanced, fatigue lines diminished, pores are closed, my face plump and soft, it is really like a have new skin developing!

They are amazing ... and so yummy, feels and smells like the best nutrients for my skin! I feel such a difference with these products and my skin hasn't suffered at all from dry irritation form the cold weather which usually happens to me from not being used to the cold. I just got back to Berlin from London and its evening, and I will take some pics asap tomorrow with the daylight, just had to write because I am truly amazed."

Vanessa Jensen
Tierra Spa Owner/ Organic and Holistic Spa Consultancy and Development
Costa Rica

Vanessa Jensen

"I met Dr. Alkaitis in 2011 and immediately began using his products. What impresses me most is the total purity of the ingredients. When I put his aromatic system on my skin, I feel so comfortable knowing there are no chemicals or toxins seeping in...only the finest, most organic and nourishing elements. My skin is brighter, younger looking and more hydrated since using the line. His Nourishing Treatment Oil is one of my favorite things in the world!"

Pleasant Wayne
Actress and Environmental Activist
Website:Pleasant Wayne
YouTube: Sexy Eco Tips

Pleasant Wayne

Hello, I purchased the Dr. Alkaitis travel kit a couple weeks ago on the recommendation of a consultant at my hair shop. I had been using _____ products for 20+ years and swore by them. The past couple of years, I started getting small rough and raw patches on my face. I went to a dermatologist and she tried laser treatment on them. It didn’t work. I also tried treating them with hydrocortisone with no luck. More recently, I started experiencing facial itching and burning and thought maybe I had developed an allergy to the ________ products. I started using the Dr. Alkaitis products two weeks ago and cannot believe what a difference it has made! I have no more rough patches on my face, no more redness, no more itching and my skin looks fabulous!!!! I also use the oil on my chest and neck area to help keep it looking young and fresh (I’m 53 years old!). I love the smell of the oil!!!!

Thank you for such an awesome product!


Hi Trish,

I just wanted to let you know how much my skin has improved during the past two weeks from simply using the Cleanser, Gel and Oil from the travel kit. In addition I have added RMS beauty products to my regime. It's amazing how the redness has begun to dissipate and the cysts have started to heal.

I understand this process will take some time, but I had to let you know the results I am already seeing with my skin. I will be placing an order today for the full size products.

I can only say thank you to Dr. Alkaitis. Whenever I look in the mirror now it brings tears to my eyes to see the clearing taking place. After all the years of abusing my skin in the search for smooth, clear, cystic free skin, I am so happy to find products that work. Dr. Alkaitis' products are a true blessing in my life.

Thank you again.

Amy Pulupa
Reston, Virginia

I’ve been using Dr. Alkaitis products for about three years now. It is so important to know exactly what is going on your face, especially for my business. I really take comfort in knowing that I could eat the skin products I use! The brand has actually changed how I look at other every day items. I’m obsessed with knowing what’s in everything now!

Alana Zimmer

Alana Zimmer

I just want to say how much I love the Dr. Alkaitis products. I'm addicted. It's really been great for my skin and I'm loving the results. I feel and look younger for someone who doesn't do botox. I love the natural way. I can't sleep without it. Thank you.

Rosanna Arquette

Rosanna Arquette

Dear Dr Alkaitis,

I take great pride in my skin – I’m one of those people that can’t go to bed without washing my face and moisturizing. I recently received a Dr. Alkaitis travel kit so I threw it in my bag as I, yet again, made the trek from LA to NYC. Oftentimes, going back and forth across the country takes a huge toll on my complexion. The difference in climate and water quality can be very jarring to the skin. Not this time!!

The Organic Soothing Gel was a lifesaver on the stale and dry airplane, using this I felt refreshed and, well, soothed. I also used the Organic Purifying Facial Cleanser, Organic Herbal Toner, Day Cream, Night Cream and Eye Cream everyday and my skin stayed flawless and healthy! Not to mention the fact that I usually lug about 10lbs of products with me and this time I simply packed the travel kit and a tooth brush.

Oh, and did I mention the fact that they are organic – an absolute must for my face and body.

Thanks Dr. Alkaitis.

Greg Siebel
Actor / Model
L.A / N.Y

Dear Dr Alkaitis,

Before I first started using Dr Alkaitis I was having a skin reaction (burning, dry skin) on my eyelids. I used The Organic Soothing Gel, which felt great immediately. I used it again the next day because it soothed the burning so quickly! To my surprise in 2 days the symptoms were gone. I have also been mixing the Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil with the Day Crème, which is perfect for my skin that is drier in the Fall/ Winter months. I use the day, eye, and night crème daily and love how all the products smell.

Thank you Dr Alkaitis!

Sweet P Vaughn- Designer
L.A. California

I love this stuff. I use a lot of harsh chemicals in my work, and my skin suffers because of it. I also spend a great deal of time in the sun when I go surfing. Both of these factors add up to a guy who’s skin could use a helping hand. Once I started using the Soothing gel and the Toner I saw immediate results. They feel great and they don’t feel unpleasant or chemically. I really look forward to using these everyday.

Sage Vaughn- Artist/Surfer L.A. California

Sweet P Vaughn

Dear Dr. Alkaitis,

I have had the pleasure of testing out two of your products, the Facial Wash and the Toner, after a friend gave me some to sample. The first impression I had was refreshing and clean. The lightness in scent and texture got me right away. I knew there was something special to this stuff before reading the ingredients, which is something I always do before buying. I was delighted to see the ALL natural list primarily involving plants! I have had problematic skin over the years, with blemishes, uneven tone, pimples, and oily spots. Since using these two products my skin has settled down and is making its way back to the way it used to be ten years ago. I am excited to continue on with the rest of the line and see even more changes.

Eden Batki

Eden Batki

Dear Dr. Alkaitis,

I’ve made my income over the past decade covering fashion for everyone from Harper’s Bazaar to the New York Times.

Along with that territory comes courtesy beauty gift bags. Over the years, I’ve been given free crèmes and tonics that have promised to keep away the dreaded wrinkles, make me look ten years younger. I’ve gotten it all – Crème de la Mer, Lancome, some high end Swiss lines that I cannot remember but priced at $500 a pop – and none have compared to your products.

I like the fact that your line is not filled with preservative chemicals, that when I put the crèmes or toner on my face, they feel good. The cleanser smells fresh and my skin looks good. Yes, partly I can thank genetics, but I also feel that Dr. Alkaitis is an essential part of putting into my body and on my body natural elements that nourish and preserve. Nothing else is like it.


Writer at Large

Susan M. Kirschbaum

Dear Dr. Alkaitis,

I discovered your products about 2 years ago. Initially, I fell in love with the earthy scents and wonderful textures. My skin immediately responded well to these magical products, they felt so soothing. After a few days I could see considerable results. My skin was glowing and balanced.

I know products and I know my skin. Since I can remember, I’ve always loved make-up and products, spending hours in pharmacies and department stores absorbing all the bottles and potions.

My incredibly sensitive, high maintenance, Rosacea skin has been quite a challenge to understand and maintain, hence my interest in esthetics/skin care. I’ve been in the cosmetic industry for 12 years, working as a make-up artist and esthetician in N.Y.C and L.A. and I’ve worked with hundreds of skin care lines. In this 45 billion dollar industry, there are thousands of lines to choose from, I’ve come to realize that they are a variation of the same thing, some having more integrity. And then there is your line of products, in a category of its own. These are truly magnificent and innovative products that work better on my skin than anything else I’ve come across.

I have now been using your line on my clients for the past 2 years. In my research, it is beyond comparison, I see this on a daily basis. This applies to ALL skin types. From maintenance to using it in conjunction with aggressive treatments such as peels or mirco-dermabrasion. Significant results in treating everything from severely dry skin being treated with accutane, to teenage and adult acne, Rosacea, seborrhea, eczema, chemical sensitivities, sun damaged and aging skin.

I feel so lucky to have found your products. How rewarding they are! Thank you for inventing such an amazing line of clean, results oriented skin care products.

Leanne Lurie
Owner, Lula Holistic Mini Spa
Esthetician, Make-Up Artist

Leanne Lurie

I love Dr. Alkaitis Products and the fact that they are all organic. I am very picky about what I put on my skin especially since I am on camera every day and wear tons of camera makeup. When I use Dr. Alkaiti’s products I actually feel like I am feeding my skin healthy stuff. I swear by the night crème! My skin literally has a glow from using it and it is softer than it has ever been!!

Alicia Minshew

Dr. Alkaitis’ product line has opened up a whole new world for skin care. Since I have included the product in my makeup kit I have found a difference in the application of makeup as well as it giving the skin a vibrant and radiant glow on all skin types.

One of the more important things for me is that I can trust the company and its ingredients… pure, raw, organic formulations.

Thank you Dr. Alkaitis for shining a new light towards healthy skin.

Alejandra Nerizagal
Make-up & Hair Artist

Alejandra Nerizagal

Dear Dr. Alkaitis

I have been using Dr. Alkaitis products for years! As a makeup artist, working with his creams gives me fast, flawless results all the time. I can not work without them. My clients love it and so do I!!

Obi Reyes
Make-up & Hair Artist
Miami, FL

Obi Reyes

Dear Dr. Alkaitis,

I love your skincare products! It feels great to use something so pure and at the same time effective on my skin. When I’m working on set everyday using makeup, it’s important at the end of the day to use something that is soothing, hydrating, and treats my skin well. Since using it, I’ve noticed my skin to be softer, smoother and more hydrated. I have allergies to many skin products, which can be a hassle when I’m working. Your creations never cause any irritations to my skin, which is really important to me. As someone who is concerned about the environment, it’s crucial to use a product made of organic and wildcrafted ingredients, and one that is not tested on animals. Dr. Alkaitis has become a necessary part of my daily routine.

It’s a joy to find a line of skincare of this quality and purity.

Daniela Sea

Dr. Alkaitis is the only skin care line that I recommend to all the models and celebrities I work with. This is truly the best and purest line available anywhere. Hands down… a winner.

Make-up artist and Founder of RMS Beauty organic color cosmetics

Rose-Marie Swift

Dear Dr. Alkaitis,

I am so pleased with your products! I have been using them for the last two years and I had to write to let you know how impacted I am by the integrity and purity of your line.

Here are my specs: I live in the Mohave Desert, after 23 years in New York City, have designed and am currently building green home while making strides in the re-invention of and a renewed commitment to a mid-40′s active lifestyle. I travel for work and between planes, trains and long driving stretches. I encounter clients as a bodyworker and manager at a spa/hotel. Like many, I am balancing the push and pull of an active lifestyle and have proven that I absolutely cannot (will not!) live without the multiplicity, science and genius of Dr. Alkaitis. I am hooked on how the Herbal Toner refreshes and rejuvenates; how invigorating and versatile the masks have proven on my extremely sensitive skin. And I am touched how I am now identified by the glow and the irresistible scent of the Nourishing Oil, which I use on my face, my body – and my hair. My body now craves the art of Dr. Alkaitis’ organics, raw, natural and hand-crafted skin-care products. Thank you for helping me bridge into a sustainable, healthier, sexier existence including sharing these jewels with my family, clients and friends. It has changed us!

Thank you again,

Hotel Manager, Artist, Massage Therapist/Watsu Practitioner
Joshua Tree, California

Julie Tolentino

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