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About Us

Dr. AlkaitisDr. Saulius Alkaitis

Dr. Alkaitis is a highly-regarded research scientist with a Ph.D. in physical chemistry from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering from the University of New Mexico.

Dr Alkaitis has studied under and conducted plant research with four Nobel prize recipients:

  • Studied under Professor Melvin Calvin, UC Berkeley
  • Research Professor Dr. F. Willard Libby, UCLA, inventor of radiocarbon dating
  • Contributed to viral cancer research with Professor Howard M. Temin at the University of Wisconsin at Madison
  • Studied under James D Watson, a seminal figure in modern biology, at Cold Springs Harbor Laboratory, Long Island, NY

Dr. Alkaitis’ in-depth plant studies exceed levels that few people have achieved as a chemist, a molecular biologist, an ethnopharmacologist (traditional healing forms using plants), and pharmacognosist (medicinal properties of plants). With his scientific knowledge and expertise in plant life, he has the unique advantage to fuse science into a holistic approach, hence creating one of the most dynamic personal-care lines available on the market today.

His lectures “The Essential Foundation of Beauty is Health” have been presented globally.

Why Use Dr. Alkaitis?

We support Intelligent Beauty

Your skin is your body’s largest organ. It is responsible for absorbing nutrients from products that are put onto it while protecting it from the daily barrage of toxins. Skin reflects your internal and external health with an unmistakable glow when you are healthy. When there are internal imbalances or intolerances, your skin sends signals, asking for your help and attention. Dr. Alkaitis’ therapeutic skin care products support your body’s natural healing tasks so you may take an active part in caring for your precious commodity.

We don’t use chemicals – period!

Chemicals dehydrate and clog the skin’s important sweat glands by blocking sebum and resulting in the formation of blackheads or inflammations. Chemicals or synthetically processed ‘natural’ ingredients used in other skin care brands causes dangerous exposure, clash with our body’s natural healing systems and are unfit for the human body. Dr. Alkaitis says: “If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin”. Dr. Alkaitis, with a Ph.D. in physical chemistry, is well aware of the dangers of the many synthetic materials that have entered our modern lives. Dr. Alkaitis believes that caring for your skin is not just a quest toward superficial beauty, but actually a necessary part of your everyday health care.

Dr. Alkaitis combines the superior tenets of science and nature to create a skin care line that embraces a holistic approach to your intelligent beauty.

A Word about Our Ingredients

All of our ingredients are edible. Dr. Alkaitis uses an absolute guideline when formulating his products: “If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin”.

Herbs (Plants); Quality is of paramount importance. High quality plants provide the greatest therapeutic potential. We use certified organic and biodynamic growers who cultivate certified organic herbs, nuts, plants and oils.

Plants are sourced only from individuals that we have vetted and trust – a relationship developed over several years of professional and personal interaction. We have studied and monitored the strict quality of their practices and procedures. We call this process Boutique Agriculture, since we only interact with growers in which we can assure quality. We guarantee that every plant we use has a real individual responsible for it and personally associated with it.

Wild-crafted herbs are collected from unspoiled wilderness areas and are also sourced in a similar way. Wild-crafters monitor and collect these superior quality plants in a sustainable manner. We source plants both locally and from various regions including: North America, Central America (El Salvador, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Guatemala), South America (Peru, Brazil, and Ecuador), Europe (Netherlands, Italy, France, England, Austria, and Lithuania), Africa (Ghana, Uganda, Madagascar, Egypt, and South Africa), Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

A Word from DR. ALKAITIS

Creating and refining our products is both an art and science. It begins with combining ‘living’ edible ingredients. This is a sound methodology for addressing the largest ‘living’ organ in the body, one’s own skin. Only a skin product made with living ingredients can interact with each individual's skin in a unique manner that assists ones skin in reaching and maintaining its ideal homeostasis.

We strive to produce a line that supports this cellular and biologically functional balance, that is aligned with nature and that supports the body’s natural processes.

We hand-manufacture all of our products as part of our commitment to quality and to you, our informed and conscious client. We thank you for sharing in our vision and enjoying the Dr. Alkaitis product line.

Please feel free to contact us any time with your comments and questions.

Kind Regards,
Dr. Saulius Anthony Alkaitis
Founder & President

If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin™

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